From conventional apparel like jeans and innerwear to highly demanding, safety-critical end uses like automotive airbags and surgical sutures, we offer specially engineered industrial threads and yarns that optimise your sewing performance and enhance your product quality.

Our range

Soft Staple Polyester Threads (SSP)

Staple spun polyester sewing thread with significantly higher sewing performance when compared with regular SSP threads. Coarse and fine range both available.

Corespun PP and PC Threads

High quality, polyester corespun that is precisely engineered to create durable, attractive seams on a wide range of fabrics across many applications

Premium quality corespun threads which offer high strength and durability and are ideal for the manufacture of denim and jeans.

Continuous filament lubricated polyester

Lubricated polyester thread made from pre-stabilised, high tenacity, continuous filament polyester for machine sewing of luggage,leather goods etc.

Texturised Polyester

Ascent’s textured filament sewing thread comes with uniform lubrication. This makes it ideal for use in the loopers of overlocking, serging and cover seaming to provide comfort and softness. It provides high seam coverage and softness for neat, comfortable seams. It has low shrinkage characteristics that ensures seam isn’t distorted after washing. Moreover, it has a high level of colour fastness even in the most demanding washing conditions.


  • High loop strength
  • High sewability
  • Industry leading consistency and repeatability of shades
  • Superior lubrication
  • Knotless threads
  • High colour fastness
  • Zero boiling water shrinkage


Garments, denim, home textiles, medical, technical textiles, bag closing, piece and joining, work wear, lingerie, swimwear and leisure wear.

Range – 18 to 150 Tex