Sustainability is embedded in Ascent’s values and has long been part of our approach to business. We carefully select responsible raw material suppliers and work with only those that meet high environmental standards. Our manufacturing processes have been designed keeping efficient utilisation of natural resources in mind – we recycle all water used and have zero liquid discharge to minimise our environmental footprint. We reduce carbon emissions by generating solar power, using biomass for steam generation and recycling all plastics. Moreover, energy recovery systems are in place throughout our facilities. By keeping sustainability at the core of our decision making, we invest in modernization and reduce our energy usage and ensure that waste is processed. To make yarns we need raw materials. How these materials are sourced, where they come from, and how they are processed has an impact on environment and communities. That is why we promote sustainable raw materials and fibres.

We produce high quality post-consumer recycled yarns which are made from 100% recycled PET bottles. Being a responsible manufacturer, we make sustainable yarns with a significantly reduced carbon footprint at a cost-advantage.